How to Save Money on Your Next Vacation

Saving money on vacation can help you remain on budget while enjoying time away from work. If you find you have not saved enough for the holiday you want, there are ways to adjust vacation plans, allowing you to save enough money to pay cash for your upcoming trip.

Choose your dates wisely. The time of year you travel will impact what you pay for everything from transportation to lodging. During the busiest times, hotels and airlines charge a premium due to higher demand. When occupancy rates fall, they lower rates, giving you a discount. Going to an expensive location can be a bargain in the off or shoulder season. Consider where you want to go and compare rates during different times of the year to save money.

Look at alternative locations. Much like dates, location, sets the price of a trip. For example, choosing to visit a lake in the mountains can provide similar activities you would find at a beach, without the high price tag. You could also choose a less popular destination and find both lower costs and fewer crowds, just a few miles away.

Compare all lodging options. Families are not resigned to small hotel rooms as the only lodging option. Often, you can find a house to rent for less than the cost of one or more hotel rooms. While you may sacrifice resort amenities, you gain additional space, a kitchen, and other conveniences not found in the average hotel. Air BNB and VRBO offer a wide range of potential homes for rent.

A vacation does not need to be expensive to be meaningful. Finding ways to reduce the cost of your travel can give you time away from work without the stress of financing the holiday you want.