How to Save Money on Back-to-School Clothes Shopping

Households will spend an estimated 27 billion dollars on back-to-school shopping in 2017, according to a recent Deloitte survey, with clothing at the top of many shopping lists. Children want to make a good impression with new clothes, which can take a bite out of the budget. It is also a place you can save money by using the following strategies.  

Start with what you have. Instead of purchasing all new outfits, pair items bought with the existing wardrobe to create fresh looks. Mix and matching old favorites with new clothes can save your wallet while giving your child creative outfits for school. Adding trendy accessories is another inexpensive way to freshen up an existing wardrobe.

Set a spending limit. Back-to-school shopping is the perfect time to teach children about the tradeoffs made when buying goods. Middle and high school aged children can choose what to buy based on price, brand, and condition within a budget you set.  

Hit the consignment shops. Before buying new, check out local consignment stores for nearly new options on your list. National chains include stores such as Once Upon a Child, for younger children, and Plato’s Closet, for pre-teens and teens, providing a place to find name brand items at a fraction of the cost found in department stores.

Shop sales and tax-free weekends. Discounts on higher priced items such as clothes benefit from tax-free holidays, which can add an additional savings of up to 10%. Weekly sales discount the latest fashions and new inventory. Delaying purchases until September can also reap additional price reductions as back-to-school items hit the clearance racks.

Store reward programs. Signing up for email and text alerts can lead to additional discounts as well as registering for the store loyalty program or credit card.