Creative Ways to Reduce Your Power Bill

Power bills are typically the highest utility costs in a budget. The bill changes based on weather and other circumstances beyond your control. Besides changing to energy efficient lighting, using a programmable thermostat, and sealing the home for leaks, here are four less frequently thought of ways to reduce your power bill.

Turn off devices when not in use. Often called phantom power, many devices use energy even when off. Energy saver mode is another instance when a device uses energy when not in use. Leaving computers can cable power boxes on for faster start up drain energy constantly. To lower your power bill, unplug appliances and turn off power strips to eliminate the energy drain when devices are not in use.

Paint the roof. Studies show a white roof reflects light and in southern states can reduce the amount of energy required to keep a home cool by nearly 40%. The best news is that the cost or painting the roof white with Elastomeric paint is not expensive and will also benefit by extending the life of the roof.

Reusable filters, instead of replacing filters every 30 to 90 days depending on the brand, you can purchase reusable filters which only require cleaning the filter with a hose before re-using. The benefit is lower long term costs, extending the life of the HVAC unit, and lowering monthly bills due to the units increased efficiency.

Lower water heater temperature. A water heater impacts both the water and the power bill because the unit must heat the water and kept at the high temperature all day. Lowering the factory set temperature from 140 to 120 will save money. At 120 degrees, the water is still hot enough to sterilize dishes and clean clothes.