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Investing in Yourself Through Continuing Education

Educational pursuits no longer end when you turn 21 with a college diploma. Technological advances are rapidly changing employment requiring workers to continually update skills to remain competitive. This changes the way education is viewed. Continuing education may include anything from a single class to learn a specific skill directly

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Does Supporting Adult Children Impact Retirement?

Millennials struggle for independence is well documented: Approximately 25% are still living at home and another 1/3 receive regular financial assistance from aging parents¹. This generation’s struggle to gain comfortable footing into adulthood is having a significant toll on parents who are trying to fund their own retirements. The dynamics

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Dissecting Your Financial Aid Letter

College acceptance letters are coming in the mail and you are excited for your child to start their new adventure that can cost upwards of $100,000 or more over the next several years. As a parent you also know the need to figure out how to pay for this new

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